Range of consultancy for noise protection, sound insulation and room acoustics

Due to the growing demand for quiet, partially extremely noisy building areas and increased official specifications, noise protection and sound insulation are becoming important aspects in the early planning of construction projects.

The application of the latest calculation methods for strategic noise mapping and assessment of noise-exposed construction areas, is becoming one the most important instruments for the support of planning teams and the design of noise reduction measures. The compliance with official requirements (Lärmschutzverordnung – noise protection regulations [LSV]) and the approvability can be presented in detail.

Moreover we will be happy to support you in questions concerning sound insulation and compliance with SIA181 in respect of airborne and impact sound as well as the emissions of domestic appliances. The requirements for separating components between usage facilities can be precisely calculated and accordingly the dimensioning of the structures defined.

Also questions in respect of room acoustic planning are becoming ever more important for construction projects. In public buildings aspects of speech intelligibility in connection with evacuation announcements cannot be avoided. Using 3D simulation software, acoustic measures and their influence of room acoustic criteria can be presented in detail.

Good audibility and sound conditions plus optimised speech intelligibility are highly important in lecture theatres, auditoriums, lobbies, churches, nurseries, schools, halls and recording studios. Here we support you in the creation of requirement profiles, product selection and specifications for the required extent of the absorbing surfaces.

Our competences in detail:

Noise protection (noise protection regulations – LSV)

  • Creation of 3D noise models and modelling of existing noise sources for determining the noise rating level on planned and existing buildings
  • Preparation of official noise protection reports according to the LSV and certification of the approvability.
  • Noise propagation models for e.g. design drawings, new and existing industrial plants, sport facilities and competitions.
  • Dimensioning of noise reduction measures for railway and road noise, industrial noise, noise from restaurants, pubs and discotheques, etc.

Noise insulation, building acoustics (SIA181)

  • Preparation of official certificates in compliance with SIA181 for applications for construction approval
  • Dimensioning of separating components in respect of airborne and impact sound in accordance with official or private specifications
  • Building inspections, acceptance of building work, reference acceptances.
  • Quality assurance
  • Acceptance measurement for airborne noise, impact noise, room acoustics and noise emissions from domestic appliances

Room acoustics (SIA181 and DIN 18041)

  • Creation of requirement profiles
  • Definition of the necessary, absorbing, scattering or reflective surfaces for optimisation of room acoustic conditions
  • Advice on material selection and structural design of absorbing surfaces
  • Support in questions of room geometry, or for the improvement of room acoustics in rooms with unfavourable room shapes
  • Certificate of compliance with SIA181 or DIN18041
  • Certificate of compliance with speech intelligibility STI in connection with evacuation facilities
  • Room acoustic renovations, including ACTUAL-TARGET comparison or actual situation measurements for basic evaluation
  • Acceptance measurements of the reverberation time and speech intelligibility, acoustic camera