The term “sustainability” is frequently founded on the concepts of ecology, economy and social responsibility corresponding to the so-named “three-column model”. As a building physics specialist planner we support the planning of a sustainable structure with the following services, always in close cooperation with architectural planning and the other trade specialists.

Our competences in detail:

  • Support of projects in tender competitions
  • Noise protection feasibility studies and preparation of noise protection concepts and measures
  • Project-specific planning of heat and sound insulation, from concept through to design details
  • Advice when selecting insulation materials
  • Optimisation of insulation thicknesses and the course of the insulation perimeter
  • Advice on thermal and acoustic comfort in rooms
  • Optimisation of building technology and the building envelope by means of building simulation
  • Expert support and coordination in planning in compliance with SNBS, BREEAM, LEED, Minergie-P/A-ECO