Building physics

Custom energy solutions for your building or project

Sometimes resource and energy saving are amongst the most important items in respect of the planning and implementation of new building projects.

With the aid of our energy consultancy, we can assist you with a wide range of specialist knowledge in just these areas. Irrespective of whether you are planning a small conversion or an area superstructure, we will be happy to help you based on our long-term experience in the design and certification of energy measures.

We strive constantly to find the optimum compromise between ecology and economy for you project. Naturally this is always in compliance with both national and local (at Canton level in Switzerland) government requirements.

In this respect we work on a project-serving basis in planning the thermal insulation of your building in a way that is energy-optimised, inexpensive and aesthetic.

Likewise the energy weak points in your building envelope must be carefully considered to avoid subsequent building damage. Precisely because thermal insulation requirements are becoming ever more demanding, the influence of heat bridges is ever increasing. These weak points can be investigated and assessed using 2D and 3D isothermal calculations. These calculation tools are essential both for building renovations and special solutions.

Our competences in detail:

  • Official certificates (SIA 380/1 and SIA 181)
  • Energy certificate according to SIA 380/1 (single component or system certificate), including colour depiction of the various energy releasing surfaces, U-value calculations, component catalogue with design structures in report form and the forms EN, EN-1, EN-2
  • Renewable energy requirements, verification of canton requirements, energy law
  • Minergie, Minergie-P, Minergie-ECO
  • Advice and applying for possible grants
  • Acceptance of building work, private checks, provision of references

Energy consultation / project steering

  • Preparation of thermal insulation, energy and damming concepts, pre-dimensioning energy measures for planning safety, design structures
  • Certification and consultancy in respect of winter and summer thermal insulation
  • Performance checks for thermal insulation
  • Thermography/thermal imaging camera (renovation requirements, quality assurance)
  • Air-tightness measurements (Blower-Door)
  • Airflow measurements

Thermal bridging assessment / construction protection / building damage analysis

  • Isothermal calculations, 2D and 3D simulations
  • Certification and consultancy in respect of moisture proofing
  • Temperature and moisture measurements
  • Building damage analysis, local analysis